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Republic Services

    While the name is changing, our commitment to our customers hasn’t. So you can expect the same reliable recycling and solid waste collection, transfer and disposal services we’ve always provided in Arlington from Republic Services.

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    We make paying your invoice simple, safe and secure. Choose from Republic Services’ convenient options for quick, one-time payments or recurring automatic payments while conserving paper and other natural resources.

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    Count on Republic Services for proper disposal of sharps materials such as needles and lancets. Our safe and convenient program helps prevent injury and infection while helping you dispose of sharps safely.

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Republic Services of Arlington

Look to us, rely on us for Arlington solid waste and recycling solutions

Your local team at Republic Services is devoted to meeting your needs every day. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective garbage collection, recycling and solid waste disposal solutions for your home, business or government entity.

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Explore our waste and recycling solutions for Arlington

Sharps Disposal

Properly dispose of sharps materials at homes and healthcare centers.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

As your Waste Stream Advisors, we can provide business-minded, full-scale services for your industry.

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Construction & Demolition

Find the right waste management and recycling services for construction, demolition and renovation projects.

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Our landfills are highly engineered facilities that safely manage a variety of waste materials and protect the environment.

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​Vehicle Size ​Arlington Residents or Contractors working in Arlington (Contractor Manifest Required) ​Outside Residents and Contractors
​Automobiles, Station Wagons (with no sideboards) ​$7 per Vehicle ​$32.37 per Vehicle
​Pickups or Automobiles with trailers attached less than 8 feet in length (with no sideboards on pick-up or trailer) ​$7 for p/u load and $6 for trailer load $32.37 for p/u load & $32.37 for trailer load​
Pickup Trucks and Trailers Less Than 8 Feet in Length with After Market Sideboards Attached to Truck or Trailer
$35 Minimum​
$47 Minimum​
Pickups or Automobiles with Trailers Attached Greater Than 8 Feet in Length
$35 Minimum​
$47 Minimum​
Semi-Trailers, Dump Trucks And Trucks Larger Than Pickups
$35 Minimum​
$47 Minimum​


 Special Items

Vehicle Size​ ​Arlington Residents or Contractors working in Arlington (Contractor Manifest Required) Outside Residents and Contractors​
Tarp Charge for Improperly Tarped Vehicles - State Regulation
$10/Vehicle​ $10/Vehicle​
Automobile / Pickup Tires (No Rims)
$4 per Tire - Limit of 4​ $6 per Tire - Limit of 4​
Automobile / Pickup Tires With Rims
$9 per Tire - Limit of 4​ Not Accepted​
Large Truck Tires (No Rims)​ ​$7 per Tire - Limit of 4 $13 per Tire - Limit of 4​
Large Truck Tires With Rims
Not Accepted​ Not Accepted​
Agriculture Tires (No Rims)
$150 per Tire - Limit of 2​ $150 per Tire - Limit of 2​
Agriculture Tires With Rims
Not Accepted​ Not Accepted​
$7 per Animal​ $13 per Animal​
Clean Dirt
No Charge​ No Charge​
Special Handling Charge (Rootballs, Etc.)
$55 per load plus Dispose​ $55 per load plus Dispose​
100% Recycling - Metal, Computers, Appliances
No Charge​ Not Accepted​



Vehicle Size​ Arlington Residents or Contractors working in Arlington (Contractor Manifest Required)​ Outside Residents and Contractors​
Grass & Leaves Only (Customer to de-bag on Site)​ ​No Charge ​No Charge
​Brush and Unpainted/Untreated Clean Wood


$8 Minimum


$20 Minimum​


 Brick & Clean Asphalt

Vehicle Size​ Arlington Residents or Contractors working in Arlington (Contractor Manifest Required) Outside Residents and Contractors
Clean Brick or Clean Asphalt​ ​$30 per Load ​$55 per Load


The following wastes are prohibited from disposal:
Lead Acid Batteries, Used Oil Filters, Tires, Liquids, Pesticides, CFC, PCB, Regulated Hazardous Waste
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8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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1212 Harrison Avenue
TX 76011

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Main Office: 817-317-2000


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