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Special Waste Disposal
As with any non-hazardous industrial process- or pollution-control-process-waste, special wastes are uniquely regulated materials requiring thorough evaluation and special handling, documentation, packaging and/or treatment prior to disposal. Assisting with environmental compliance requires a provider with the expertise, experience and capability to responsibly dispose of your special waste materials.
Service Performance That Evolves With You
Since rules vary from state to state, management of special waste can prove to be challenging. Republic Services can help you maintain compliance, even if you operate multiple sites located across the country.

Republic Services’ advanced evaluation methodology, centralized waste approval processes and experienced field personnel will give you peace of mind knowing that your waste materials are being properly managed.

Republic Services operates 181 landfills that accept varying types of special waste. We employ more than 80 skilled special waste experts who are available to assist in evaluating and profiling your waste, recommending disposal options and answering questions about permitting, certification and documentation.  We also can assist with profile re-certification to ensure no lapses in service.

Republic Services' industrial and special waste drivers are trained and equipped with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved equipment. Compliance with all DOT and local hauling regulations further support safe and secure transportation while the material is en route to the disposal site. At the landfill, innovative systems such as solidification facilities, monitoring systems, and even a railcar tanker and truck wash-out capabilities in one location, result in reliable service, responsible disposal and peace of mind.

Republic Services has 181 landfills in the United States equipped to accommodate a wide range of special waste materials including: Need special waste disposal service today? Visit our dedicated special waste website which contains information, resources and the ability to request services by connecting with one of our special waste advisors.

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