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Transfer Stations

Republic Services’ transfer stations are an efficient, economical solution for the responsible handling of waste through the collection and disposal process. At transfer stations, waste is consolidated from local collection vehicles and reloaded into larger trailers for shipment to disposal sites. Think of it as carpooling for garbage. This consolidation process is a critical step in waste disposal logistics.
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Transfer stations are conveniently-located sites that receive solid waste, consolidate loads and optimize hauling to disposal sites. Efficiency in the number and capacity of loads traveling to a landfill means controlled costs and less air pollution because fewer trucks are required to travel those distances.

Republic Services’ transfer stations range in size from large urban centers that process thousands of tons per day to small rural stations that process just a few tons per day. We serve communities by accepting materials from residents, businesses, commercial waste haulers and municipalities at nearly 200 transfer stations nationwide.

Republic Services’ transfer stations leverage operational best practices and specialized equipment including: push pits, compactors, gravity fed compactor systems and top loading trailers.

Republic Services’ transfer stations are part of our national network of facilities, providing easy, safe and convenient environmental waste disposal services for your home, for your business and for government entities across the nation.

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