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Recycling is a vital process for turning used materials into new products and diverting waste from final disposal options that prevent further recovery or reuse. It is a responsible action we can all adopt to limit the strain placed on the planet’s resources. Republic Services’ nationwide network of recycling centers, also known as materials recovery facilities, makes recycling easy, convenient and cost-effective.
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Republic Services provides recycling services to millions of homeowners and businesses across the country. We recycle more than 3 million tons of materials annually through our nationwide network of recycling centers.

At our recycling centers, recyclables are sorted, processed and shipped to markets worldwide for remanufacture and reuse. From cardboard and office paper, to plastic bottles and metal cans, to concrete and mixed metals, Republic Services recycles it. Working with more than 100 mills and manufacturers, recycled materials become new products and save valuable natural resources.

Republic Services makes recycling easy for the customer. Our trained waste and recycling advisors can help design programs to meet your needs. We will also help ensure success of your program by providing educational materials and resources to drive adoption of responsible recycling practices for your home, for your business and for government entities across the nation.

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