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Comprehensive Waste & Recycling Services

Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery


When disaster strikes your home, business or the entire community, Republic Services is there to help and support recovery efforts. Whether you need a single dumpster or an army of them, we can quickly provide critical waste collection and disposal services.
Ready to Roll
Republic Services works long before an emergency strikes to support disaster management plans that comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regulations well before an emergency strikes.

Our integrated network of facilities and more than 800 local operations mean we can mobilize equipment and resources from other locations as needed to support disaster recovery efforts. Republic Services has the experience and equipment to support your cleanup efforts.

We also provide waste, recycling and environmental solutions for accidents, spills and temporary projects that generate more waste or debris than normal. Republic Services will work with you to develop a solution to manage special waste materials, and to recycle construction and demolition debris.

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