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Residential Customer Service

Residential Customer Services
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Have questions about Republic Services bill pay or residential waste and recycling services? Find answers to frequently asked questions about services for your home. Not finding what you need? Search for answers at left or contact Republic Services Customer Service for fast, friendly support.

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  • What can I recycle?
    Commonly accepted recyclables for your home include: aluminum and metal cans; glass bottles; plastic #1 and #2; plastic bottles with a neck (soda bottles, laundry product containers, etc.); newspaper and magazines (please bundle or tie); corrugated cardboard/box board (i.e. cereal/soda/beer boxes and similar packaging). Find your local recycling program details for additions and/or exceptions to this list.
  • What can’t I recycle?
    Currently, we are not able to recycle the following: plastic-coated paper; wrapping paper; waxed paper; window glass; light bulbs; ceramics; plastics other than products coded #1 or #2; cookware; hardcover books; polystyrene foam plastic (even if it has the recycling symbol); plastic bags; aluminum foil or foil pie pans. In some areas we may not be able to recycle: wax-coated paper (milk cartons); #1 coded plastics; pizza boxes; or yogurt/margarine tubs or similar items. Find your local recycling program details for additions and/or exceptions to this list.
  • Do you recycle plastic bags?
    Currently, we are able to recycling plastic bags in certain locations. Find your local recycling program details regarding plastic bag recycling in your area. Some states and cities are passing laws requiring large retailers to offer recycling of plastic bags or we suggest use of reusable bags made of sturdy, lightweight materials. These reusable bags often come with money-saving incentives from retailers when used in lieu of paper or plastic carryout bags.
  • Do you recycle electronics?
    Electronics recycling and e-waste collection is offered in many locations either as a drop-off site or scheduled pickup service. Find your local service details for electronics waste and recycling offerings, charges, locations and schedules.
  • Do you pick up furniture for recycling or reuse?
    Items such as home furnishings, mattresses, carpet and appliances may require special handling and/or advance notice. If your item is in good condition, you may wish to donate it to a local charity or use as alternatives. Find your local service details for charges and to schedule a pickup.

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