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Preferred Supplier Program
Our Preferred Supplier Program enables us to effectively improve quality, reduce costs and manage risk to meet internal and external customer requirements.


Republic Services’ supply management program includes three tiers of suppliers:

  • Strategic Suppliers
    Strategic Suppliers are a select group of key preferred suppliers that are strategically aligned with Republic Services' business model. These suppliers include organizations that provide essential organizational technologies, significant spend or business interdependence.
  • Preferred Suppliers
    Preferred Suppliers are suppliers that have been selected through the sourcing process as the best national solution for Republic Services in a specific spend category and serve as the primary supplier for specific goods or services.
  • Approved Suppliers
    Approved Suppliers are suppliers that have been identified to meet a specific business need that cannot be addressed by either a strategic or a preferred supplier. Use of approved suppliers requires prior approval by the appropriate category team.
To be considered for any of these supplier designations, you must meet Republic Services’ supplier requirements.

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