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Supplier Expectations
By setting clear supplier expectations, Republic Services creates a foundation for effective communication that maximizes stakeholder satisfaction and improves overall responsiveness. We will work closely with our suppliers in specific areas to improve quality, productivity and communication.
Performance Expectations That Make a Difference
These nine expectations lay the groundwork for our company commitments and the qualities we look for in our supplier partnerships.

  • Be committed to our quest for quality, business excellence and high standards of performance
  • Become a Republic Services’ Preferred Supplier and be committed to the Preferred Supplier Program requirements
Superior Quality
  • Have a documented quality system that uses process controls and emphasizes defect prevention rather than defect detection
  • Strive for continuous improvement in quality of goods and services in all facets of operations
  • Ensure compliance with contractual agreements
Technology and Innovation
  • Provide goods, services or innovations that give Republic Services a technical, process or service advantage over our competition
  • Participate in the development of process improvements and new applications with our team
Lowest Total Cost
  • Openly share information on all elements of cost
  • Research and implement productivity improvements that result in lower costs every year
  • Provide ideas and solutions that will drive down the total cost for goods and services
  • Promptly respond to requests for information, technical assistance and corrective action
  • Ensure that all Republic Services locations are promptly serviced professionally and to the highest customer service standards
  • Participate in quarterly review sessions to improve processes
On-Time Delivery
  • Keep commitments to deliver on time to the proper location with the accurate quantity
  • Comply with purchase order and contract requirements regarding schedules and deliveries for goods and services
Community and Environmental Responsibility
  • Meet, and preferably surpass, all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Inform us of any changes that will affect compliance with applicable regulations and work with us to resolve mutual environmental concerns
Honesty and Integrity
  • Conduct all business in an honest and ethical manner
  • Do not accept specifications or requirements that you cannot meet
  • Promptly notify us when there are changes to goods and services that have the potential to impact our application and/or business relationship
  • Notify us of intentions to discontinue goods or services well in advance to allow us enough time to develop an alternate solution
  • Protect the confidentiality of Republic Services information
Effective Use of Electronic Commerce
  • Participate in the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN)
  • Participate in the use of eSourcing tools
  • Ensure that all documents contain purchase order numbers
  • Participate, when applicable, in the construction of punch out catalogs and draft cart solutions to automate the procurement to payment process as much as possible
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