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Vendor Conduct
Legal compliance and ethical behavior are integral parts of our everyday jobs. Republic Services’ procurement requirements include a Code of Conduct as part of our detailed policies, procedures and guidelines.
Why a code of conduct?
We are sensitive to situations that not only could result in illegal or unethical actions, but also situations that could even appear improper. We will not compromise our integrity and sound standards of ethical behavior even if an action is based upon a sincere belief that it benefits the company. Applying common sense, good judgment and integrity to every business dealing helps to ensure that our decisions are consistent with Republic Services’ policies and standards.

Republic Services employees acting in “buyer” roles are required to prevent conflicts of interest and avoid circumstances that could result in such situations. We expect the same of our suppliers. Any circumstance that could cast doubt or the appearance of doubt on an employee’s or supplier’s ability to act with total objectivity with regard to the interests of Republic Services is considered a potential conflict of interest. Employees and supply partners are required to avoid such circumstances and prevent conflicts of interest. 

We also hold our suppliers accountable for their performance. Find out more about supplier expectations.

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