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Natural Waste Remediation

Landfill Cap Goes Green
In March 2010, Republic Services partnered with Texas A&M and Camelot Landfill in Lewisville, Texas, to develop a durable vegetation that could be utilized as part of a landfill’s efforts to reduce erosion and as a suitable landfill cover. Together, we reviewed a green technology, called phytoremediation, that harnesses the ability of specific trees and plants to naturally filter pollutants.

Republic Services and its partners explored which types of vegetation would grow best in the Texas climate and analyzed soil samples to identify the best environment for landfill application. We also determined how proper preparation and maintenance are critical for maintaining healthy vegetation and encouraging thick, constant growth. For instance, we concluded that:
  • To take advantage of rainwater, the ideal time to initiate seeding is early in the growing season
  • Fertilizer supports proper seeding, greatly improving the cap’s durability in the long run
  • The aesthetically pleasing vegetative cap is more beneficial to the community and their neighborhoods as greenspace
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