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Sustainability Projects

Corporate Waste Diverted

The Republic Services National Accounts Group has worked with major national retailers to establish new waste stream diversion programs to reduce waste, right-size services, increase recycling and add value. Customers including clothing store chains and craft retailers have improved the weight-per-compactor-load hauled, increased recycling tonnages and improved wood waste diversion through reverse logistics routing. Through comprehensive waste audits, on-site visits and sustainable program development, large companies are benefitting from significant waste reductions and cost savings. For instance, at a national home improvement retailer, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • More than 200 stores minimized their waste disposal costs
  • Recycled cardboard materials were sold to create cost savings and efficiency for the customer (prices fluctuate depending on the market)
  • Wood waste, when recycled separately and properly disposed of at the landfill, created additional cost savings versus disposal (roughly 50%)

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