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Sustainability Projects

Providing Cleaner Fuel
Republic Services in Boise, Idaho built the state’s first public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. The station is home-base for a fleet of compressed natural gas waste and recycling collection trucks.
With this CNG fueling station, Republic Services vehicles and anyone in the Boise area can use a fuel that’s up to 90% cleaner than traditional fuel. CNG has been proven to reduce tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions by 70%, reduce non-methane organic gas as well as nitrogen oxides by 87%, and produce less carbon dioxide per mile than other fossil fuels.
The Boise trucks are part of our fleet of more than 700 alternative fuel vehicles nationwide. By replacing our older diesel models with clean-burning natural gas trucks, we’ll significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure air quality improvements.
Converting our national fleet of trucks to natural gas will deliver plenty of environmental benefits, including:

• Up to 90% cleaner air
• Tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions reduced by 70%
• Non-methane organic gas as well as nitrogen oxides reduced by 87% 
• Less carbon dioxide produced per mile

Learn about Republic Services’ commitment to improving sustainability in communities around the country. 

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