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Renewable Energy Initiatives


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Solar Energy Projects
As part of our commitment to creating cleaner, sustainable communities, Republic Services created a state-of-the-art landfill closure system that captures solar energy to create electricity.
Our Solar Power Projects Heat Up
The nation’s first solar energy cover is at Republic Services’ Tessman Road Landfill in San Antonio. It combines solar technology with a gas-to-energy system to turn the facility into a sustainable energy park, generating about 9 megawatts of power—enough to power 5,500 area homes.

But that’s not the only place we’re making history. The world’s largest landfill solar energy cover is at Republic Services’ Hickory Ridge Landfill near Atlanta. The 7,000-solar panel, 10-acre project is the recipient of a $2 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant and is now generating more than 1 megawatt of electricity per year, enough to power 224 homes.

We’re helping to advance this solar technology and are exploring how it can become as commonplace as landfill gas-to-energy applications are today. Wherever it can be applied as both a sound option for the environment and an affordable economic solution for our customers, Republic Services will implement these technologies and other innovations to ease our impact on the planet.

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