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Renewable Energy Initiatives


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Landfill Gas Projects
Republic Services is turning waste into energy at nearly 70 active landfill gas-to-energy projects nationwide—more than one-third of our landfills. Our landfill gas-to-energy commitment and innovation is growing, becoming a vital resource in the renewable energy infrastructure of our communities.
Converting Landfill Gas-to-Energy
Landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of waste in a landfill. Republic Services is developing innovative uses for landfill gas to generate electricity, offset fossil fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to create economic and environmental benefits for our communities.

One landmark project is in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Our Courtney Ridge Landfill and a neighboring cement plant have partnered on a truly innovative sustainable industry application. We supply landfill-generated methane gas to the cement plant that uses the local, renewable energy source to directly fire the kiln during cement production. The gas-to-energy project has reduced the fossil fuel manufacturing dependency on coal by 20%.

In 2010, the U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program awarded three of our gas-to-energy facilities with the prestigious Project of the Year recognition. Republic Services’ landfill gas-to-energy facilities provide enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 192,000 homes and gas to heat another 201,000. Our capturing and reusing landfill gas is equivalent to removing more than 4 million cars from the road or planting more than 4.5 million acres of fir or pine trees.

Learn how a landfill works by visiting our Environmental Education Resources.

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