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Republic Services supports customers in seeking ways to minimize their environmental impact. Recycling plays a critical role in creating a sustainable future, and we are proactively expanding and modernizing our infrastructure around the nation so more people and communities can participate in this valuable environmental service.
Doing the Right Thing in the Right Way
Recycling transforms the waste stream into an environmental supply chain. Today, recycling is far more complex than simple collection and reclamation.
Sophisticated materials management programs require Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisors to go upstream to identify, eliminate or redefine materials before they enter the waste stream. If we can’t eliminate it, we identify alternatives to make output more easily recyclable or marketable.
Once recyclables are collected, Republic Services effectively processes materials. Advanced sorting equipment—such as disk screens, magnets and optical sorters—is used to identify and separate different types of paper, metals, plastics, and construction and demolition material for processing. We make certain that the recyclable materials we collect have an extended value to society through repurposing and remanufacturing.
Republic Services partners with more than 100 mills and manufacturers worldwide to turn your recyclables into new products like newspaper, cardboard boxes, glass and plastic bottles, tissue, paper towels and metal cans. We have even taken the initiative to create new markets for recyclable materials that didn’t exist before. 
Republic Services is committed to providing industry-leading recycling solutions for our customers. We are honored to partner with suppliers, customers and communities to advance sustainability efforts.
As an environmental partner, our nationwide presence and local service helps individuals, communities and businesses meet their recycling goals.

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