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Recycling for Industry
Republic Services provides full-scale recycling services for your specific industry. Our business-minded Waste Stream Advisors design simple, cost-effective and reliable recycling solutions for any industry.
Service Performance That Evolves With You
With more than 20 years of experience in recycling, Republic Services has the expertise to design, deploy and support the program that will work best for you. Our process starts with listening to you, our customer, to ensure that we understand your specific needs and challenges.

Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisors evaluate your needs through a waste audit and recycling assessment. We then propose a cost-effective and efficient recycling program to meet your specific needs and address your waste and recycling challenges. We can also help you educate and train your employees and customers to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing success of your recycling efforts.

We have designed recycling programs for numerous industries, including:
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • High-rise office buildings
  • Distribution warehouse facilities
  • Industrial parks
  • Large shopping malls
  • Convention centers
  • Colleges and universities
Republic Services goes to great lengths to make recycling easy for our customers. We are ambitious about minimizing on-site sorting and offer creative solutions that include roll-off dumpsters, compactors, on-site baling capabilities and direct shipments to end-users. From traditionally recycled materials, like paper and boxes, to items like printer rolls and many types of plastics, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

In one case we helped a pharmaceutical customer reduce their waste, number of pickups and overall expenses, identifying the high volume of plastics that could be recycled from their waste stream. The facility is now recycling more than 100 tons of plastic annually.

Recycling – Good for our planet. Good for your business.

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