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Organic Materials Can be Beneficially Reused

There are a variety of opportunities to beneficially reuse organic materials, which can help save space at the landfill. Republic Services has implemented successful programs to manage organic waste in select locations, and we are working to develop broader-reaching, cost-effective organic waste solutions as part of our commitment to the planet.
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Organic materials (including landscape waste, food and wood) are the largest component of our trash and make up more than two-thirds of the solid waste stream. Composting is growing as a method of managing these materials. This process involves breaking down organic materials so that they can be used for mulch or soil enrichment. In other markets, we have worked with our customers to develop options by which they can see the organic materials generated by their operations beneficially reused.

Organic waste solutions include:
  • Grinding and Composting of Non-Food Waste
    Republic Services offers grinding and composting of organic materials, including wood, food and yard waste in certain areas.
  • Composting of Food Waste
    Republic Services is also committed to growing our organic composting services for restaurants, food producers and grocery stores. We can help them divert more of their organic material into composting, which helps lower their waste costs while helping the environment.
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