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Republic Services Privatization and Outsourcing


Today more than ever, municipalities and county governments are realizing the benefits of creating public-private partnerships. More than 80% of all cities outsource some or all of their waste and recycling to private garbage companies like Republic Services.

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Why Local Governments Choose to Privatize and Outsource
Through public-private partnerships, Republic Services delivers waste and recycling services to municipalities and governments in the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally sound manner.
The primary benefits of a public-private partnership include:

Lower costs:Competition and economies of scale help drive down service costs while improving efficiency. These savings help keep services affordable for residents while diffusing concerns of tax increases. Budgets become more predictable while funds can be redeployed to other critical city services.

Better quality:Through our partnerships, we are able to deliver service quality and safety that is equal to or exceeds that of the public sector. Because we specialize in waste and recycling services, we’ve developed strong customer-focused service and solutions to ensure greater satisfaction.

Greater efficiency: Competitive management techniques give private companies flexibility. From hiring qualified workers and purchasing better equipment at lower prices, to incentivizing safety and quality, to repairing and maintaining equipment, we can be more efficient at every step of the process. In addition, the private solid waste sector is one of the fastest growing adopters of alternative and hybrid fuel vehicle technologies to reduce emissions in communities nationwide.

Risk mitigation:The U.S. Department of Labor reports that solid waste services operated by local governments have an injury rate more than four times greater than private companies. Republic Services handles your waste in compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations with appropriate liability protection and indemnification. In addition, Republic Services scores twice as low as the industry average OSHA score compared to other operators.

Watch this video to learn more about Republic Services' partnership with the City of Toledo.


Municipal Solid Waste

Providing curbside collection, transportation and disposal of household waste

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Supplying comprehensive and environmentally sound recycling programs for communities

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Bulk Waste

Disposal of appliances, furniture, mattresses and other bulk residential and commercial items

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Yard Waste & Landscaping Debris

Seasonal and regularly scheduled yard waste disposal services for homes and businesses

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Available in multiple sizes with flexible delivery and pickup to meet your needs

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Compactor Rental

Maximize efficiency and optimize space with a variety of sized containers

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Baler Rental

Flexible baler equipment options to meet your performance, durability, space and safety needs for efficient recycling

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Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Rapid deployment of equipment and resources to provide relief from emergencies and natural disasters to support your FEMA disaster management plan

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Universal Waste

Programs for the safe disposal of fluorescent bulbs, batteries, pesticides, equipment containing mercury and more

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Electronics Recycling & E-Waste

Responsible recycling and disposal of the growing volume of discarded electronics

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Household Hazardous Waste

Safe disposal of paint cans, motor oil, car batteries and other household refuse

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Medical Sharps

A convenient residential mail-back program for the responsible disposal of needles, lancets and other medical waste generated in homes

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With nearly 200 locations nationwide, we safely dispose of your business refuse and special waste

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Transfer Stations

Hauling or drop-off services at nearly 200 conveniently located transfer stations

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Recycling Centers

We process, sort and divert recyclables at 76 recycling centers around the country

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