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K-12 Schools

Look to Us, Rely on Us for Waste & Recycling Services at K-12 Schools

When it comes to minimizing impact on the environment and achieving sustainability goals, Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisors can spot opportunities within your schools to easily improve efficiencies, increase diversion and improve recycling rates. We also provide rich environmental education materials that can be helpful to your teachers and students.

Republic Services’ solutions address cost control from multiple angles to accommodate your budget using configured solutions targeted to your objectives.  We help you maintain a safe, clean and inviting educational environment at K-12 schools in providing waste and recycling services that support the upkeep of public investments while fostering community pride.

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Waste Disposal Services

Refuse collection, compaction and hauling disposal services for schools, construction sites and public facilities of any size

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Waste Stream Advisors

Expert guidance and educational materials to reduce waste to achieve sustainability goals for schools

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Recycling Services

We can develop and implement single-stream or multi-stream recycling programs at your school or school district.

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Need help determining the right number and of dumpster, carts, or container sizes? We can help.

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Compactor Rentals

Compactors of varying sizes and utility to keep trash safely contained and maximize disposal efficiency

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Landscape Debris

We provide reliable disposal of landscape materials including grass clippings, leaves, branches and more.

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Medical Sharps

We provide easy, safe and affordable disposal of medical sharps.

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Bulk Waste

Dispose of appliances, desks, chairs and other bulk items from classrooms and schools.

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Electronics Waste

Responsible disposal of the growing volume of discarded electronics such as computers, printers and more.

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Universal Waste

Programs for the safe disposal of fluorescent bulbs, batteries and equipment containing mercury

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Improving recycling, every step of the way

  • We make it easy to waste less by recycling materials like paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood and even construction materials.

  • Automated refuse collection vehicles and our network of more than 75 recycling centers allow us to efficiently sort and process more than 3.3 million tons of recyclables each year.

  • We help turn tons of discarded materials into thousands of useful new items through more than 100 partner mills and manufacturers worldwide.


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