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Environmental Education

Leave the Planet Better Than You Found It
Having clean air, land and water is important to all of us. Republic Services is committed to protecting the planet.

We uphold stringent environmental compliance standards that often exceed those set forth by regulators. Our waste experts are helping customers implement sustainable innovations. We are dedicated to educating students, customers and communities so they can waste less. Join us in making a difference.
How to Make a Difference
Making a difference happens by making new choices. Just 25 years ago, few people recycled. Today, it’s commonplace. What will be commonplace a few years from now? Start making a difference today.

  • Proper Disposal of Waste
    Did you know that old TVs, electronics, and appliances shouldn’t be thrown out with your household trash? The same goes for cleaning solutions, medications and other materials known as household hazardous waste. These items may contain chemicals and metals, and should be dropped off at a local facility that can dispose of these materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

    Many communities host special collections or drop-off programs for these items. Learn more about proper disposal of all types of household waste materials in our residential frequently asked questions.

  • Backyard Composting
    Did you know that 26% of municipal solid waste is made up of yard trimmings and food waste? Transform your food and yard waste into environmental friendly fertilizer for your garden or lawn. Check out this composting video or visit the EPA Resource Conservation page on composting at home.

  • Go Paperless
    Sign up to receive your bills by email and opt to pay bills electronically. Not only is it good for the environment, it can help prevent identity fraud and theft.

  • Buy in Bulk
    Purchasing your favorite products in bulk reduces packaging used for shipping, marketing and product display. Plus, it may save you money.

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags)
    Shopping with reusable bags reduces the number of paper or plastic bags that must be disposed of. Reusable bags can be used over and over again.

  • Use Your Own Coffee Container
    Did you know that many coffee shops reward customers with a discount if they bring their own reusable coffee containers?

  • Trade Disposable Plastic Bottles for Reusable Containers
    Discarded plastic water bottles are everywhere. Ditch one-time use plastic bottles and start using reusable containers.

  • Recycle
  • Request a Waste Audit
    Have a Waste Stream Advisor provide recommendations on ways you can manage your waste and recycling materials using solutions that result in better economic and environmental benefits. Request a consultation.

  • Buy Office Supplies in Bulk
    Most office supply stores offer bulk options, which can greatly reduce packaging materials and will likely save you money.

  • Buy Paper and Supplies Made From Recycled Materials
    This helps support sustainable, viable and healthy markets for recyclable material.

  • Durable Dishware
    Instead of disposable cups and plates, supply your office with dishwashers and durable dishware to cut down on waste.

  • Reuse Packing Materials
    Whenever possible, reuse shipping and packing supplies such as polystyrene peanuts, boxes and envelopes.

  • Print Double-Sided
    Printing documents double-sided can cut your supply costs while greatly reducing your paper usage and waste.

  • Establish a Green Team
    Put together a sustainability team to foster leadership for environmentally sustainable practices at work. Often times, companies find that what’s good for the environment is also good for their bottom line.

  • Know the Law
    Many businesses don’t know the law until they break it and suffer the consequences. Make sure you understand and follow the local and federal environmental regulations.

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