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Environmental Education

Recycling Life Cycle
Have you ever wondered what happens after your recycling is picked up at your curb and taken to a recycling center?

Follow the journey of a cereal box and see the recycling life cycle in action—from curbside to recycling center to remanufacturing. When you choose products that use recycled materials, you send a message about your commitment to reducing environmental resource strain.

At Republic Services, we take your recycling efforts seriously. That is why we do everything we can to make recycling a simple, easy and rewarding part of life.

Helping You Recycle More
Once you’ve done your part by placing recyclable materials into appropriate containers, our responsibility begins. After we empty your bins, carts or containers into one of our trucks, we take your recyclables to a recycling center. Using powerful magnets, high-tech optical scanners and hand sorting, we separate your recyclables into different areas for processing. Once processed, we package these materials and ship them to more than 100 different markets around the country and overseas for remanufacturing into new products.

While we make it easy for residents to recycle at their home, we also help businesses, organizations, schools and communities find solutions that can improve their recycling practices with:
  • Waste Stream Advisors
    As trained advisors, we can identify opportunities to reduce or remove materials from the waste stream by diverting and recycling more.
  • Educational Resources
    Republic Services provides environmental education resources to help schools, businesses and organizations develop, implement and expand recycling efforts.
  • Recycling Rewards
    In some communities, we offer recycling incentives such as My Republic Rewards to encourage residents to recycle even more.
  • Program Improvements
    New programs, equipment, container types, and recycling solutions continue to make it even easier, simpler and more cost effective to recycle.
Explore Republic Services' recycling programs and find local recycling services for your home, for your business or for your government entity.

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