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Award Winning Services
  • Republic Services won a 2010 Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal for upgrading its Pacific Region Compost Facility in Corvallis, Oregon to serve as the state's first food composting facility.

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Garbage Glossary


  • Landfill

    A regulated, highly engineered facility designed and operated to contain wastes. Modern landfills have liner systems and other safeguards to prevent pollution.

  • Leachate

    Liquids that have come in contact with waste inside a landfill.

  • LFGTE: Landfill Gas-to-Electricity or Gas-to-Energy Project

    A renewable energy system located at a landfill that captures a renewable resource (landfill gas) and puts it to use as an energy source. Landfill gas can be used as a fuel to generate electricity, heat or steam.

  • LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas

    Natural gas converted to liquid form for storing or transport when gas stored in pipelines are not practical or accessible. This gas is primarily used for long-haul commercial-industrial vehicles.

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