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Award Winning Services
  • Republic Services won a 2010 Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal for upgrading its Pacific Region Compost Facility in Corvallis, Oregon to serve as the state's first food composting facility.

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Garbage Glossary


  • CNG: Compressed Natural Gas

    This alternative fuel offers many environmental benefits: it reduces tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions, reduces non-methane organic gas as well as nitrogen oxides and produces less carbon dioxide per mile. It’s primarily used in short-haul vehicles such as waste collection trucks. Republic has been adding CNG collection vehicles to its fleet each year.

  • Collection

    The process of picking up or collecting wastes or recyclable materials from residences, businesses or a collection point, loading them into a vehicle and transporting them to a processing, transfer or disposal site.

  • Commingled

    A mixture of any number of recyclable materials which must usually be separated before they can be recycled. Single-container recycled waste collection allows for commingled items (such as cereal boxes, cans, plastics and paper), to be placed in one bin for later sorting. (See also single-stream.)

  • Compactor

    High-power mechanical or hydraulic equipment used to reduce the volume of solid waste by compacting it into smaller blocks.

  • Compost

    Composting involves collecting organic waste, such as food scraps and yard trimmings, and storing it under conditions designed to help it break down or decompose naturally. This resulting compost can then be used as a natural fertilizer or mulch.

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