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Business & Environmental Development

Republic Services Keeps Improving
We make a habit out of identifying, developing and testing, deploying and implementing good ideas throughout our Company. Occasionally, these good ideas originate outside of Republic Services through our partnerships with suppliers, other companies and people like you.

We are constantly reviewing and evaluating development opportunities of all kinds. In some cases, we adopt technologies to help us further minimize our impact on the planet. In other instances, modernization of our services makes the lives of our customers easier. We also seek advancements to enhance our business and service process or add more to the bottom line. The best improvements do all three – they’re good for people, they’re good for the planet and they’re good for our company.

How It Works
Execution is everything. When presented with a new development opportunity that could help our business, our planet and our customers, we carefully examine it, and in some cases determine whether it can deliver on its promises by means of a pilot program. Once it is proven to be effective, we deploy these innovations where they’ll be most successful.

Here are few examples:
  • Republic Services makes it simple to integrate recycling seamlessly into your daily business or commercial operations. From cardboard and office paper, to plastics and metals, we excel at extracting reusable materials from your waste stream.
  • Other Environmental Development
    Other pilot programs and partnerships are currently underway throughout the Company. From composting organic materials, to renewable energy generation and use, to the development of new technologies, Republic Services is engineering tomorrow’s waste stream innovations for the planet.

    What do you have in mind?
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