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Special Waste

Wastewater treatment sludge and waste disposal—once complex, now much easier


Rely on us for assistance with compliant wastewater treatment sludge disposal
Wastewater regulations and sludge disposal compliance can be complicated and costly to manage. Let our Republic Services wastewater team help you safely navigate your waste approvals and provide safe disposal.

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How is Sludge Extracted During Wastewater Treatment?
Before being used for irrigation, returned to a body of water or reused, wastewater undergoes a multi-stage cleaning process. This treatment process produces two types of waste—sewage waste and industrial sludge—that must be managed as special waste.
  • During sewage treatment, debris such as sticks, sand, coffee grounds and eggshells are screened out and separated to protect the treatment facility equipment. The collected debris is usually disposed of in a landfill. Next, the wastewater undergoes a biological treatment process to remove dissolved organic matter. The process causes microorganisms in the water to grow in size and number until they’re suspended and can be settled out as sludge. The solids are collected and receive further treatment as sewage waste.
  • During industrial wastewater treatment, coolant waters, cleaning water and processing waters are similarly settled, clarified and centrifuged to remove solids and greases. This material is categorized as industrial sludge.
Our Services for Wastewater Treatment Sludge and Waste Disposal
  • Comprehensive audits and smart solutions to identify non-hazardous liquid wastes and sludge that, when solidified, can be handled at one of our state-of-the-art disposal facilities
  • Safe transport of your waste
  • Regulatory updates on federal, state and local regulations that impact your operations
  • Process improvements within your system to improve pollution prevention efforts and save you money

Ready to make wastewater and sludge disposal much easier?

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Waste stream consultation, recycling programs and rentals of dumpsters and other containers are just some of the trusted solutions Republic Services delivers each day.
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Republic Services’ national network of hauling divisions, recycling centers, transfer stations and landfills are available to meet your evolving waste and recycling needs.
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cost-effective collection, recycling and disposal solutions, look to Republic Services to handle all of your needs.


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