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Special Waste

Rely on us to provide comprehensive special waste information


With our experience and understanding of the latest special waste regulations and guidelines for common waste types, we can guide you through the management of any special waste, including solid, liquid, semi-solid or gaseous material (and associated containers) generated as a direct or indirect result of an industrial process or from the disposal of contaminants from the air, water or land.

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Asbestos Disposal
Because of health risks associated with asbestos, handling and disposal of asbestos-containing construction and vehicle products must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Contaminated Soil
Soil that has been contaminated by pesticides, underground storage tanks or a spill need to be handled within specific regulatory guidelines.

Empty Containers (Tanks and Cylinders)
Testing, maintaining and disposing of industrial containers are necessary and complex undertakings. Review current tank, cylinder and empty container disposal requirements.

Exploration & Production Waste
Hydraulic Fracturing (hydrofracking or fracking) sludge waste, from the well-stimulation process that maximizes the extraction of underground resources, is growing and needs expert management.

Off-Specification Products (Food Manufacturing Waste)
Food waste can be considered special waste. Find information on compliant handling of food manufacturing waste and off-specification/out-of-date food waste.

Auto Shredder Fluff
Auto shredder waste (fabrics, plastics, etc.) must be tested and disposed of according to regulations. We help you safely comply in an economical manner.

Wastewater Treatment, Sludge
Wastewater sludge and waste disposal can be complicated and costly to manage. Find out how to safely dispose of them.

Other Special Waste
What’s the best way to manage disposal of used construction, demolition or even medical waste? Find out here.

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Find information on state regulations, waste determination resources, temperature conversion and more.

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