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All-In-One Recycling Where You Live

All-In-One recycling means you can put all your recyclable materials into one container. Republic Services makes it easy and cost-effective to recycle at home. We work hard on our end to make it easy for you and your family.
Service Performance That Evolves With You
All-In-One recycling has been shown to dramatically increase recycling rates in cities across the country. Just toss approved paper, plastic, cardboard, can and glass recyclables into your container and we’ll do the rest.

Your Republic Services cart holds plenty of recyclables and is easy to wheel to the curb. Our comprehensive recycling process begins the moment we collect your discarded materials. From the curb, we collect the recyclables using automated trucks to safely pick up the materials and deliver them to a recycling center.

Then recycled items get processed, often using advanced sorting equipment – such as disk screens, magnets and optical sorters – to identify and separate different types of paper, metals and plastics. Sorted materials are then distributed to mills and manufacturers worldwide for re-manufacturing.

In all, we recycle more than 3 million tons of material each year—that’s nearly 200 pounds per second! That’s the power of recycling with Republic Services.

Recycling – Good for our planet. Good for communities. And it all starts with you.

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