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Recycling is good for our planet and for your home, for your business, for your job site and for government entities. Republic Services provides comprehensive recycling services for each of these needs and is actively developing our recycling infrastructure, technologies and equipment to make recycling even easier, more cost-effective and efficient.

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Service Performance That Evolves With You
When it comes to recycling, choose to work with an expert. Republic Services works with millions of homeowners and thousands of businesses to provide user-friendly, cost-effective recycling solutions. Our nationwide presence and local service can help you meet your recycling goals. With more than 75 recycling centers and decades of recycling experience, we reliably deliver the recycling solution that is perfect for you.

Republic Services continues to invest in proven technologies to control costs and to simplify and streamline recycling for our customers. Advanced sorting equipment – such as disk screens, magnets and optical sorters – identifies and separates different kinds of paper, metals, plastics and other materials to increase efficiency and maximize your recycling efforts.

Republic Services makes recycling easy for you and provides peace of mind.  From your curb or back dock, we ensure that what is intended to be recycled gets recycled. Our nationwide network of recycling facilities works with more than 100 mills and manufacturers worldwide to turn your recyclables into new products like newspaper, cardboard boxes, bottles, paper products and cans.

Republic Services’ recycling services divert enough fiber materials to conserve more than 41 million trees each year. The environmental benefit of our recycling is equivalent to removing 1.7 million passenger cars from the road each year.

Recycling: it’s good for the planet and good for you.

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