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Comprehensive Waste & Recycling Services

Environmental & Regulatory Compliance
Republic Services employs a team of engineering and environmental management professionals to ensure regulatory compliance for the waste and recycling programs we provide to you. Republic Services' knowledge and experience with local, state and federal laws can assist your efforts in achieving compliance.
Upholding Environmental Compliance
Environmental responsibility is core to our business and is reflected in our services, operations and actions. From preventing pollution and protecting natural resources, our environmental standards, policies and best practices are in place to protect people and the planet.

Comprehensive safeguards include:
  • Compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations
  • Ability to track a single dependable source of responsibility for waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal
  • Unsurpassed industry safety standards and a proven track record of reliability
  • Extensive employee training and continuous education

Improper management of waste and recycling processes can have serious legal implications. Environmental laws are clear on this: a company’s waste is still its responsibility—even decades after disposal. To protect your company, you need a waste provider that not only complies with local, state and federal laws, but also has the financial strength to keep its long-term commitments.

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