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Compactor Rental
Compactors help to compress waste volumes, and are great for reducing disposal costs, saving space and saving the labor to break down boxes and repeated trips to the dumpster. Republic Services rigorously maintains its trash compactor equipment to make sure it is always ready to work for you.
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For large generators of waste, Republic Services’ compactor rental options bring a number of time and cost saving advantages, including:
  • Lower waste and recycling collection costs
  • Labor savings
  • Control odor and pest problems
  • Cleaner disposal
  • Lowers fire risk
  • Prevent unauthorized access and use
Republic Services has helped organizations such as manufacturers, major retailers, high schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, convention centers and warehouses benefit from having a compactor on-site.

Compactors are available in many different sizes and for various applications. Our highly trained experts will help you select the appropriate compactor for your needs from options that include:
  • A stationary compactor for large volumes of dry or mixed refuse or recyclable collection
  • A pre-crusher that can virtually double the compaction power of a standard compactor and is used to eliminate light loads of crates, steel drums or large boxes that fill your container with air
  • A self-contained compactor for wet waste that is sealed to avoid leakage and odor
  • A front- or rear-load self-contained compactor primarily for wet garbage and food waste where compaction is a must and space is an issue
  • A high-rise apartment-style compactor commonly installed in a trash room and operated in conjunction with a chute system for waste and recycling reduction needs
  • A vertical or VIP compactor to address space limitations
  • An enclosed dock compactor with a cyclone blower feed system to drop paper and trash into the compactor
Compactor rental pricing is based on the size of equipment, application and rental term. Republic Services compactor rentals can flex to your requirements with either regular pickup schedules or on-demand service.

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