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Focused Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Republic Services provides waste and recycling services to hospitals, medical campuses and clinics of all sizes across the nation. Our customers look to us to help them with the compliant  disposal of medical sharps, medical waste and special waste generated by medical and life science facilities.


Healthcare Waste Stream Advisors
Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisors for healthcare provide critical training and monitoring to ensure needles, lancets and other medical sharps are properly handled and disposed of. We can also help to accurately identify and separate high-cost regulated medical waste from non-regulated waste to provide cost-effective disposal of those special waste materials.
Our national approach to healthcare and life sciences waste collection and disposal includes:
  • Medical Sharps Collection & Medical Sharps Disposal
    Republic Services offers a comprehensive waste management solution for the collection, treatment and disposal of biohazarous and medical waste materials under one contract. Our regulated medical waste disposal program is offered nationwide, and pickup schedules are flexible. Medical sharps collection containers are scanned at every point in the process, and we provide online access to manifests.
  • Incinerator Ash Disposal
    Republic Services can assist with your medical waste incinerator ash and non-hazardous waste disposal.
  • Autoclave (Steam Sterilized) Medical Waste
    Republic Services can also safely dispose of autoclaved medical waste in a manner that meets the requirements of all federal and state regulations, landfill permits and waste acceptance plans.
  • Other Treatment Methods
    Other methods, such as chemical sterilization, may be used to treat medical waste dependent on state handling and disposal requirements. They are handled in a manner similar to autoclaved waste.
  • Proper Containment
    Medical sharps are collected and shipped in specifically designed containers.
  • BioTrack Data Management System
    Republic Services provides a proprietary data management system to document the amount of medical waste generated by department in your facility and aides in identifying and potentially reducing the volume of medical waste.
Get started. Connect with a Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisor to find out how you can responsibly manage the materials in your waste stream while creating cost efficiencies and savings and maximizing environmental benefits. 

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