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Focused Solutions for Industrial & Manufacturing

Republic Services’ robust corporate infrastructure and strategic partnerships mean we act as a one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing and industrial waste and recycling services nationwide. We can design, pilot and implement solutions to improve service efficiencies while helping to ensure safety and compliance from collection and hauling, through diversion or disposal.
Industrial & Manufacturing Waste Stream Advisors
Generators of industrial wastes must be sure that their materials are being handled and disposed of properly. That’s why companies with industrial and manufacturing operations of all sizes turn to Republic Services National Accounts. We’re a partner you can trust now, and in the future, to deliver reliable service and effective solutions.
Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisors deliver service expertise to your manufacturing or industrial waste management program with:
  • Risk Mitigation
    Republic Services will provide you with appropriate liability protection by handling your waste in compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations.
  • Industrial Recycling Services
    We understand the unique requirements of manufacturing and industrial recycling.
  • Special Waste Consultants
    As a licensed hauler of special waste, Republic Services can collect, transport and dispose of non-hazardous materials including contaminated soil, sludge, off-specification products, asbestos and so much more. With more than 80 special waste advisors and 181 landfills nationwide that accept special waste, we can assist in profiling special waste and providing key regulatory and permitting information.
  • Safety
    Employing a comprehensive behavior-based approach to safety, Republic Services maintains one of the best overall safety records in our industry. Our drivers and mechanics are highly-trained to ensure that all services are provided in a safe and reliable manner, and all of our trucking equipment complies with Department of Transportation regulations.
Get started. Connect with a Republic Services’ Waste Stream Advisor to find out how you can responsibly manage the materials in your waste stream while creating cost efficiencies and savings and maximizing environmental benefits. 

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