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Pheasants Don’t Fly the Coop at Whitefeather Landfill
Republic Services’ Whitefeather Landfill in Pinconning, Michigan, is helping re-populate ring-necked pheasants in the area surrounding the landfill.

Working with a neighbor and adjacent property owner, the landfill’s general manager thought that raising pheasants – which are in short supply in Michigan – would be a perfect conservation project. He bought the chicks online and kept them in an incubator until they were big enough to be kept in a 40-by70-foot pen that was built on the neighbor’s property.

Today, the neighbors and others have been raising and releasing the pheasants together.

Republic Services Community
Did you know that more than 800 divisions of Republic Services serve more than 13 million customers and 2,800 municipalities and communities around the nation? Just like your neighborhood store, school or utility, we play a vital role in our communities. However, our contribution doesn’t stop at waste collection, disposal and recycling.


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