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Caring for Stray Animals
Dogs, cats, birds and more, Republic Services’ employees have rescued them all at company facilities.

The West County Resource Recovery (WCRR) facility in Richmond, California, is a place where abandoned and lost animals just seem to show up. Dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and even a chicken have decided to call the facility their temporary home.

The landfill is adjacent to a very large field where many lost animals hide. WCRR employees often find these little animals and some employees have taken many of them to a local veterinarian for shots and medical treatment before finding homes for them.

The big-hearted Republic Services employees at West County have even adopted a few dogs and cats themselves. Employees jokingly refer to the general manager as “Dr. Doolittle” because he has adopted three cats and a dog.

Republic Services Community

Did you know that more than 800 divisions of Republic Services serve more than 13 million customers and 2,800 municipalities and communities around the nation? Just like your neighborhood store, school or utility, we play a vital role in our communities. However, our contribution doesn’t stop at waste collection, disposal and recycling.

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